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Shorex: Exceptional Challenges Demand Exceptional Creativity
10:00 - 11:00
Destination Management Director
Costa Crociere
President / Co-Founder
Access Cruise, Inc. / Zielia
Managing Director
Aviomar Adventours 
Shorex Manager Italy & France
Medov srl
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Cruise Business & Operations
Abercrombie & Kent Destination Management

Sponsored by: Italian National Tourist Board – Assoporti

It's no secret that most people who cruise do it to see the world - and a key factor in that is their experiences within a destination. The big question then, is how do you conduct an unforgettable shore excursion safely?
There are seemingly endless factors to consider, not least the challenge of adhering to COVID-19 safe regulations when those regulations are in constant flux.
Get a first look at some new ways of operating, and hear about the potential opportunities in them.

Moderated by:
Shannon McKee, President, Access Cruise Inc. & Co Founder, Zielia

20.00-21.00 Sydney

17.00-18.00 Shanghai

11.00-12.00 Malaga

10.00-11.00 London

05.00–06.00 Miami

02.00-03.00 Seattle

Regional Update: Asia Pacific
10:00 - 11:30
CHART Management Consultants
Chairman Asia Pacific
Chairman, Royal Caribbean, Asia
Royal Caribbean International
Chief Commercial Officer
Genting Cruise Lines

In 2019 the Asian source markets were collectively the second largest globally. Australasia was the fifth largest national market. They were projected to maintain those positions in 2020. Now the whole industry has been disrupted, and the Asia Pacific regions are no exception.
How quickly will cruise re-start in Asia and the Pacific? What capacity is likely to return? Which markets will bounce back most strongly? And the big question, are any markets likely to be irreparably damaged?
Hear the essential low-down on what is happening in Asia Pacific as our expert panel navigates through these difficult questions, and more.

Moderated by:
Ted Blamey, Principal, CHART Management Consultants

20.00-21.30 Sydney

17.00-18.30 Shanghai

11.00-12.30 Malaga

10.00-11.30 London

05.00–06.30 Miami

02.00-03.30 Seattle

Around the World in 80 Minutes
14:00 - 15:20
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Cruise Association
Group Director
Seatrade Cruise
Cruise Advisor
Caribbean Village
Cruise Baltic
Cruise Europe
Executive Director
Corporación de Puertos del Conosur
Port Canaveral CEO
Canaveral Port Authority
Executive Director
Cruise Atlantic Canada
Executive Director / Chairman
ID Tours Ltd / New Zealand Cruise Association
General Manager, MICE & Cruise / Regional Director, Europe
Hong Kong Tourism Board

We're all missing travel, so join us and take a whistle-stop tour of the world’s leading cruising destinations, highlighting trends, challenges, and common goals.

Conducted by:
Mary Bond, Group Director, Seatrade Cruise

00.00-01.20 Sydney

21.00-22.20 Shanghai

15.00-16.20 Malaga

14.00-15.20 London

09.00–10.20 Miami

06.00-07.20 Seattle

Keeping the Spotlight on Sustainability
14:00 - 15:00
Director of Sustainability
Head of Sustainability
Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services
Corporate Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Alaskan Dream Cruises
CEO / Founder
Landry & Kling Global Cruise Events /
Managing Partner
FINN Partners Global Sustainability & Social Impact

Sustainability issues have been a big ticket item for the past few years, but there has rightfully been a shift into healthcare. As cruise returns there is a huge focus on doing it in a safe way, bringing an inevitable increase in single use plastics, putting strain on relationships with locals, and many more complex issues which negatively impact the very environment that drives so many people to take a cruise.
How can we ensure that the industry's hard work on environmental, and social, sustainability continues to be a long term focus, alongside healthcare? 

Moderated by:
Jane Madden, Managing Partner, FINN Partners Global Sustainability & Social Impact

00.00-01.00 Sydney

21.00-22.00 Shanghai

15.00-16.00 Malaga

14.00-15.00 London

09.00–10.00 Miami

06.00-07.00 Seattle

Professional Women in Cruise: Reflecting on Role Models
15:30 - 16:20
Founder and Partner
Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence
Pilot Trainee
 Southeast Alaska Pilots
Environmental Officer
Royal Caribbean International
Business Development Manager
Operations Supervisor
Port Everglades

At some point in their lives everyone has looked up to a person they would call their role model. In such difficult times it is more important than ever to have a network, something to aspire to. This panel discussion brings together professionals at different points in their career to discuss what it means to have, and be, a role model.
What do you look for in a role model, how do you find one?
When did you start to see yourself as a role model for others? 
Did you find it intimidating, or was it invigorating?
Whether we realise it or not, we all have a part to play in shepherding our teams, organisations, even our friends and families, through uncharted waters. If we are going to be role models, we should be talking about it! 

Moderated by:
Anna Silva, Operations Supervisor, Port Everglades

01.30-02.30 Sydney

22.30-23.30 Shanghai

16.30-17.30 Malaga

15.30-16.30 London

10.30–11.30 Miami

07.30-08.30 Seattle

This Time Next Year: A no-holds-barred look into the crystal ball from some of cruising's most forward-thinking leaders
17:00 - 18:00
SVP Design and Customer Experience
Virgin Voyages
Senior Associate Editor, Seatrade Cruise Review
Editor, Seatrade Cruise News
MSC Cruises USA
Senior Vice President Digital
Royal Caribbean Group
President and CEO
Signature Travel Network

What will tourism and travel, particularly cruising, look like one year from now? What opportunities can arise from the challenges of 2020? Will the disruption have given the chance to build sustainability into recovery? How will travelers' expectations be different? How will the cruise fleet and destination offerings be different, and what about the distribution network? How will the supplier network have changed?

Moderated by:
Anne Kalosh, Editor, Seatrade Cruise News & Senior Associate Editor, Seatrade Cruise News Review

03.00-04.00 Sydney

00.00-01.00 Shanghai

18.00-19.00 Malaga

17.00-18.00 London

12.00–13.00 Miami

09.00-10.00 Seattle